The unhoped-for path of angels



I have thought much about religions, trying to understand them,

and I’ve discovered that they are the many branches springing from one single Source.

Don’t expect that man should profess one, 

because that way he would distance himself from the certain Source. 

On the contrary, it is the Source, almighty and pregnant with meaning, 

that must seek him out, and man will understand.

You, who blame my love for Him, how harsh you are! 

If you knew Whom I mean, you would not act this way. 

The pilgrims go to Mecca and I go to He who dwells within me. 

They offer victims, I offer my blood and my life. 

Some people circle about His temple without doing so with their bodies, 

because they circle about God himself, Who releases them from rite.


Husayn Mansûr al-Hallaj  

(Dîwân, LXII, X secolo)




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