King Tarlo (not to die)


Original title: "Re Tarlo (per non morire)"

61 min.,  electronic,  colour,  Italy 1993


Commended at the Riccione Video Theatre Festival TTVV in 1994



Who has no place

Makes wanting one his real place 

                         Edmond Jabés
Dedicated to Antonio Neiwiller
The story of King Tarlo, imaginary theatrical mask, develops in the scenic space as if between the walls of a daily and familiar memory. The mother, the brother Fonet, the Gypsies are the heart of his dreamy relations that scan the alternatives and balances of his thoughts and the spectacle, between reality and fiction. King Tarlo, finally transformed into the actor/wooden puppet, a body narrated in movement, fruit of a continuous research, dreams of justice and art. Destined to permanent transformation, vital and mortal at the same time. (Modena, Teatro San Geminiano, November 1993)
Direction and photography: Michele Fasano; text, costumes, sound track: Marco Manchisi; literary texts: Jean Cocteau, Marina Cvetaeva, Edmond Jabés, Boris Pasternak, Harold Pinter, Arthur Rimbaud, Egon Schiele, Raffaele Viviani; music: Gioacchino Rosini, Ferruccio Busoni, Glen Velez, Amalia Rodrigues, Naked City; sound: Sandro Broggini; lights: Luciano Trebbi; editing: Claudio Lanteri; audio post-production: Davide Grecchi; scene photography: Daniele Lelli; design and graphics: Stefano Ricci; general organization: Michele Fasano; production: Sattva Films.


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