The "Conceiving and Creating Film Seminar” is a theoretical/practical training course lasting variably from 6 to 8 months, founded by Michele Fasano, that proposes making the experience of the entire creative/productive process of a film live, with special attention to the research phase and the development of the project. In the first theoretical phase the arguments concerning the different stages of cinema creation are faced. Successively, the theoretical basis is analysed in-depth during the work of conceiving cinematic subjects for short films to make in the following practical/production phase, found in direct contact research with the social reality of the city that hosts the training activity, preferably within the intercultural horizon of immigration and women in particular. There are three good reasons for this: the first is the topicality with which the film could make the public and the students themselves aware of the arguments that this horizon implies; the second is in the order of politics: stimulating the reflection that learning “the cinema trade” means acquiring a powerful instrument of communication that requires from those who work in this field greater responsibility toward the public; the third is in the “poetic” order: creativity always confronts the unknown, this is why the students, measuring themselves in the research with stories “distant” from their usual habits of thought, are “made” to drop their preconceived ideas to enjoy the feeling of discovering reality, in listening and observing over a long period. Through this training course, creative solutions are suggested for managing and conciliating the needs of poetic conception with the more urgent needs of production and teamwork. Film stories are produced under the banner of a free creative interpretation by the student, under the didactic direction of a professional, concerning both the poetic aspects and the implications of production. The didactics/direction imply an attitude not aimed at the personal expression of the trainer, but the critical evaluation of the screenplay ideas of the student and accompanying them in the choice of the best technical-organisational strategies for putting them in scene cinematically.


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